Style Guide: What to Wear to a Wedding!

Hello There!

Today I wanted to talk about one of the most stressful parts of attending a wedding: what to wear! I know as our wedding was approaching last year, my husband and I were getting GRILLED by our guests about what to wear, what “formal” meant, if “this would be okay?” and that was the LAST thing we wanted to think about when preparing for our wedding!

So here is a straightforward guide for what to wear to a wedding:

  • Do not wear white – the OG #1 rule for wedding attire!
  • When the attire is not specified: your safest bet is a cocktail dress or full-length jump suit

Casual: sundress, nice skirt/pants and shirt

Cocktail Attire: cocktail dress, dressy suit, jumpsuit

Semi-Formal/Dressy Casual: cocktail dress, dressy skirt and top

Formal/Black Tie Optional: fancy cocktail dress, formal dress or full-length jumpsuit

Black Tie: formal dress/long evening gown

White Tie: Formal, full-length ball gown

Have you heard of any other kinds of wedding attire I didn’t mention? If you have, comment below!

I hope this helps you stress less when deciding what to wear to your next wedding!! And please, Please, PLEASE do not text the bride/groom asking what you should wear – they have enough to worry about, trust me!

With Love,



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City Girl’s Guide to: Camping

Our Campsite!

Hello Hello!

I hope that everyone’s coffee with strong this morning and you are powering through your day! I recently posted a poll on whether any of you would read about a “glam girl’s guide to camping,” and received a great response! I have actually decided to change it from “glam girl” to “city girl” because I don’t REALLY consider myself glam…but I have definitely gotten used to the city life in my 3 years living here…so camping for the first time in years was an adventure!

Mt. Rainier!

#1 Packing List

We decided that we were going to go camping for my husband’s birthday, so I immediately started creating a packing list of things we needed to remember. I looked all over Pinterest, Google, outdoor stores, and asked around to create this list because I didn’t want to forget anything (spoiler alert: we forgot things…)

So, after all that research and then actually going camping and noting what we should have brought, here is the list that I am going to use next time we go:

I would say that what you pack is the most important part of a successful camping trip, since that is all you have while you are out there – and most campsites are not close to a store to go buy what you forgot!

Can you spot the wild Daniel in the river? 🙂
Hammock Time

#2 Be One with Nature

The next important thing to remember: You are going to get dirty. You are going to smell like smoke. You will get bug bites even if you have 10 layers of clothes and big spray in every nook and cranny. It is part of the experience (although not my fave for sure)! When we first arrived I found myself longing for cell reception, grossed out by my bug spray + dirt caked legs, but my husband was having the time of his life and I wanted to join in that! So I sucked it up (and too a long shower immediately when we got home)!

At the top of the hike that was far longer than we anticipated!

#3 Speak Up

I am not the most graceful, coordinated or sportsy person, so hiking can be a little scary. And, of course, we went on what we thought to be a 2 mile hike but it turned out to be about 6 miles at a steep slope the whole way… During that hike, I needed to speak up so that I didn’t just die right there on the mountain (a little exaggerated). I didn’t want to make Daniel slow down (he was climbing like a champion) but I did not want to push myself so hard I wouldn’t make it back down. I want to stress the importance of knowing your limit, especially when you are out in the middle of nowhere with no cell reception! Once I spoke up I felt more relaxed, and made it to the top!

So these were my top 3 recommendations for the city girl (or anyone, really!) when going camping!


Not in my top 3, but something that we researched for a bit to figure out, was what meals to cook since we did not have a camp stove. We made sure that we had a fire pit at the site, so we made food that could be cooked over a fire! Check out the “camping” board on my Pinterest for all the recipes I saved, but here are a few ideas and pictures of ours!

I hope that this is helpful for those of you who have friends/partners/etc. who are forcing you (um I mean taking you…) to go camping! Or, if you aren’t going camping, I just hope this was entertaining to read, because looking back on it, it was quite humorous at times!


Sale Sleuth’s #NSALE Round Up

Hello my lovely people!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opened up to the public online at 9:30am PST on July 19th, and you best believe I clicked “submit order” right when the clock struck 9:30am! I am also happy to report that I followed all of my own rules from my last post on how to stay on budget while shopping sales!

With it coming to an end soon, I wanted to take a minute to talk about what I purchased from the sale in more detail and be transparent about my thoughts on each item! Click the images to be directed to the Nordstrom website.

Good American Skinny Jeans – $112.90 on Sale (After Sale: $169.00)

These jeans are SO SOFT and STRETCHY! Any jeans of mine MUST be comfortable or else I will not wear them. I purchased a size 10, and unfortunately they were tighter than I normally wear, so I am going to either return them or exchange them for a size up. I thought long and hard about keeping them, but for $112.90 that would not be a good move for me personally (FYI I am used to buying the American Eagle jeans that are between $30-$60 on sale).

Sam Edelman Booties – $99.90 on Sale (After Sale: $159.95)

I have a pair of black leather pointy-toed booties that I wear every single day during the fall/winter, so I HAD to have these! I absolutely love the detail of the charm on the heel. They are super comfortable and the heel is such a great height for those of us who are taller/can’t walk in heels well! 🙂 True to size in my opinion!

Treasure & Bond Booties – $79.90 on Sale (After Sale: $119.95)

These boots are what dreams are made of, no exaggeration 😉 I LOVE Treasure & Bond, and actually was hesitant about buying them only because a lot of their products end up at the Rack. BUT since snakeskin booties are so trendy right now, I decided to go for it! These are a less expensive, yet still adorable, version of other popular finds during the NSALE. What a great way to try out a trend without breaking the bank!!! They also come in black, are super comfy and true to size! This heel is also a nice height as well!

Something Navy Wire Cat Eye Sunglasses – $38.90 on Sale (After Sale: $59.00)

I have been looking for a new pair of aviator style sunnies for a while now, and I love the cat eye look, so I thought I would try these out! And I actually love them. They are funky, but so fun! Very good quality too and they come with a magnetic sunglass case. I got them in gold, but they also come in silver! To be honest I am so cheap when it comes to sunglasses (I usually go for the $12 BP ones) so I would not pay full price for these, but the sale price is pretty great!

BP Cozy Joggers – $25.90 on Sale (After Sale: $39.00)

These are SO SOFT!!! I saw a few pairs of joggers that were popular for the NSALE, but the others were more than $30 and that hurt me to spend on something that I won’t probably wear out of the house. These were pushing it, but they are so comfy that I think I need them in my life forever. They are thin, but not see through. I ordered a size up for the comfy/cozy/lounge feel, but are true to size.

BP Squareneck Long Sleeve Bodysuit – $15.90 on Sale (After Sale: $25.00)

Bodysuits are so popular right now! I only had one so I wanted to get another (well…I bought two more :P) and love the color of it! I think this will be a fall staple for sure. I kind of went against my “only buy BP at the Rack and not the main store” rule on this, but at this price I am not sure how much lower it would even go anyway! I also bought a BP black tank bodysuit, but it was not for the NSALE yet SUPER inexpensive. Love them both!

Here are a few more items that I ordered but am still waiting on! I will update this post with my reviews once I receive them!

Blondo Georgette Waterproof Hidden Wedge Sneaker – $79.90 on Sale (After Sale: $119.95)

I actually bought these in tan and black because I have been wanting these forever! Blondos are a must in Seattle where it rains so much!

Steve Madden Feather Studded Loafer – $59.90 on Sale (After Sale: $89.95)

It looks like these are sold out of the snakeskin pattern, but they are still available in other colors! I would honestly recommend waiting to purchase the other colors, though, as Steve Madden typically ends up at the Rack.

Well that is all, folks! I hope that this information helps you decide on any last chance sale purchases you will make!! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below, or feel free to message me!

With love,


Coffee with the Sale Sleuth

Hello to my favorite people!

Today I wanted to take a minute to talk about budget consideration when it comes to shopping! EW, WHAT DID I JUST SAY?! I promise it is not as bad as it sounds! I’ll explain it in an example: The Nordstrom Sale—if you follow a bunch of other bloggers like I do, it is all we hear about while it is happening and are constantly blasted with the “deals” that we can find during the sale. Which is great! However, if you want to be more budget conscious, you may want to take a few things into consideration before you run that credit card: 

  • Can I find this item elsewhere for less money? 
    • Places to look: Nordstrom Rack, Marshalls, Poshmark, Amazon, Dick’s Sporting Goods 
  • Do I really need/truly want this or am I just getting it because everyone else is? 
    • I fall into this trap constantly! I see someone else wearing a piece that I love, and then I “need” it. But, take a pause to ask yourself if you actually need it, or just want it because your favorite blogger wore it (honestly though this is fine too, but since this post is about budget I am trying to help y’all out ;)) 
  • Can I find a dupe?
    • Places to look: Target (one of my absolutely favorite stores, but also the best place to find dupes for way less money), Walmart, Amazon 
  • Can you make a similar outfit out of something that you already have?
    • Someone posts a try on, and of course you wanted the pieces that were in the outfit automatically! However, take a pause, think about what you already have in your closet, and you could actually make a pretty close remake of the outfit using different pieces! 
  • Specific for the Nordstrom Sale: Will this item be moved to the Nordstrom Rack (and become less expensive)? 
    • Brands that I often see moved to The Rack: BP, Steve Madden, Michael Kors, Treasure & Bond, Something Navy
    • I am also hesitant to buy sweaters from the main store, and some shoes because I have purchased these from the main store, and then found them a few weeks later at The Rack. 
    • The follow up question to this is: Can I wait for this to move to The Rack/take that risk? 
      • If you are not TOTALLY IN LOVE & MUST HAVE RIGHT NOW – and your item falls in any of the above categories, I would recommend waiting!

A couple other notes:

I know others have recommended against buying “trendy” clothes, but I am totally into it! I love trends and staying up to date with them, so sales can help you get some trendy pieces for cheaper (because let’s be real, when companies realize that certain items are trendy, they jack the price up). 

I DO plan on shopping the Nordstrom Sale, Amazon Prime Day, and all other sales for the rest of time! This post is not no way discouraging shopping these highly publicized sales—I actually ENCOURAGE it! There are some amazing deals that can be found right now and am excited to see what everyone finds. BUT I will be using these questions as a part of my game plan to protect my budget!

I hope you can use these questions to be nicer to your budget AND enjoy some new items! 

~McKenna (aka “Sale Sleuth) 

An Expert’s Guide to Vegas: On a Budget!

Hi Friends!

We just got back from Vegas, and I realized that it would be so fun to share all of the tips and tricks that we use while there (since we go quite a bit 😁)! Vegas is one of our favorite places to go because you can do it CHEAP if you do it right! Here are some things to keep in mind when you are planning your trip:


  1. Download the myVegas Slots app!
  • With this app you can play “slots” for free, and earn coins towards REAL rewards! Can use at any MGM owned hotel/M Life rewards location.
  • For this trip we used our coins for buy one get one free buffets, monorail tickets, gelato, and sandwiches from Carnegie!

2. Do not pay to get into clubs!

    • A day or two before your trip to Vegas, post a photo on social media (my go-to is Instagram) and club promoters will reach out to you asking if you want to get into any clubs! Or if you want to wait until you arrive, look for promoters (usually wearing jackets or T-shirt’s with club names on them) and talk to them to get onto their guest list. Sometimes (especially for ladies…sorry gentlemen) free drinks are even included!
    • Daniel and I got into Hakkasan to see Lil John and Omnia to see Steve Aoki FOR FREE!!! In the past we paid $100+ to get into Omnia to see Calvin Harris but being put on the guest list by a promoter is so easy and free! For my bachelorette party we were offered free drinks at Marquee every night!


OMNIA – Caesar’s Palace (my personal favorite, it is STUNNING


Steve Aoki at OMNIA


Lil John at Hakkasan

3. Do not overspend on drinks!

    • Drinks in Vegas are WAY overpriced, so what we do is sit at slot machines in the casino and get free drinks! We do gamble while we are sitting there, but if you think about it, even if you “lose” $10-20, a drink at a bar would be $20+ anyway so you got to have a little fun in the meantime!
      • BONUS TIP: A must every time I am in Vegas is to get a “free” cosmo at the slot machines at the Cosmopolitan and then take a picture in front of the chandelier bar!
    • Buy bottles at CVS or bring your own! For my bachelorette party we each packed bottles and brought them (couldn’t carry on of course, we had to check our bags) and it was much cheaper. We also went to CVS to pick any mixers up! You can pre-game in your room or bring a water bottle/cup to pour it in to. ‘
    • Buy a cup from Fat Tuesday and then refills are discounted (~$2 off)!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

4. Buy a Monorail Ticket

    • I had refused to buy a monorail ticket until this more recent trip just because I love walking the strip, but oh my goodness it literally saved my feet and a ton of time! It is slightly spendy, but definitely worth it if you want to go end-to-end on the strip and don’t want to walk it (quicker than an Uber for sure!)

5. Stay at Bally’s

    • You guys know how much I adored staying at the Cosmopolitan this past trip, but it was not cheap. If you are looking for a deal AND want to stay in the middle of the strip, you can’t beat Bally’s. It is also where the monorail stops! They have great deals (if you are a student there is an extra deal too! At any Caesar’s/Total Rewards hotel, actually!)

6. There are actually free things to do in Vegas!

    • Rain Storm “show”: in the Miracle Mile connected to the Planet Hollywood – it is small but pretty cool to see it rain inside!
    • Fountain Show: outside of the Bellagio – one of the more popular “shows” in Vegas that is absolutely stunning!
    • Fire/Volcano Show: outside of the Mirage – only occurs a couple times per night, the water fountain area outside of the Mirage turns in to a volcano!
    • Fall of Atlantis Show: inside the Caesar’s Forum Shops – one of my personal favorites, this show tells the story of the fall of Atlantis!
    • Bellagio Conservatory Garden: inside of the Bellagio – this garden changes with each season, so each time you go it will probably look 100% different!
    • Flamingo’s Wildlife Habitat: inside of the Flamingo Hotel – even though I am not a fan of birds, this wildlife habitat is pretty cool! Getting to see real flamingos inside of a hotel called the Flamingo is fun! Lol
    • Chandelier Bar: inside the Cosmopolitan! It is a beautiful, purple, glowing sight!


The Bellagio Conservatory for Chinese New Year!

7. Walk the strip DAY and NIGHT

    • Yes, I am in love with Vegas, but to anyone the sights and architecture should be impressive to anyone! They are also much different from day to night (my personal favorite is night when everything is lit up!) so take the time to soak in the sights!
    • My favorite hotels to admire are: The Cosmopolitan (surprise, surprise), the Venetian, Luxor, Wynn and Caesar’s Palace.

A few noteworthy things we did this trip:

  • Found “Secret Pizza” at The Cosmopolitan – which was SO FUN! Oh and had good pizza. It is located on the third floor in an unmarked hallway..and that is all I am going to tell you 😏
  • The Fremont Street Experience – I had never been to Fremont Street so we checked it out…for about 15 minutes and then I was done. The lights are cool, and it sounded like there were great food deals, but I am much more of a fan of the strip.
  • Top Golf – neither of us had been to Top Golf and it was awesome! We were able to get right in, but will make a reservation next time probably. There is a shuttle from the MGM too, which we found out afterwards.
  • FOOD:
    • The District: located at the Cosmopolitan – great biscuits and you HAVE to try the brown butter glazed donut!! It is a MUST!
    • Egg Slut: located at the Cosmopolitan – classic yummy breakfast
    • Carnegie Deli: located at the Mirage – sandwiches bigger than your face; use the my Vegas app to get it buy one get one free! You won’t be able to eat it all so ask for a to-go box! They do charge a fee for sharing FYI.
    • The Wicked Spoon – our favorite buffet located at the Cosmopolitan! Everything is dished up into its own person serving size so it is cute and delicious! There can be SUPER long lines so we suggest going around 4PM (dinner starts at 3PM, but if there aren’t many other people there the food isn’t changed out for fresh as often 🤔 Strategy! hahaha)

Cheers, my Friends!



Poshmark – Shop My Closet!

Hi Friends!

Today I wanted to spend some time talking about Poshmark!

I absolutely LOVE Poshmark for several reasons:

  1. I can find good quality items for a discounted price….
  2. while supporting fellow Poshmark users!
  3. I can make room in my closet while also making money! I definitely prefer this platform than having to take my clothes in to a store to resell them. It is so easy and Poshmark sends you the shipping label when you sell something! 
  4. I can wear something once/a couple of times and not feel bad about it because it goes to a good home 🙂
  5. It is so easy to post and sell items! To post, you just take a couple of photos (I have found if you post pictures of you wearing the clothes, they sell faster but I also know that takes a lot more time to do!!!) and list the size, brand, and the price that you want for the item!
  6. Users can share items from other closets as well as their own closet in order to keep the listings fresh/at the top of your feed!
  7. There are “parties” that happen all day throughout every day that allow you to share items of certain parameters to the party—this is great for when you are shopping for specific items as well as targets customers for selling your items that fit within that party! 
  8. You can customize your selling features, such as % off if buyers bundle more than one item in your closet (I have 10% off 2 or more items for mine)!

I linked my profile below as well as added a page dedicated to it—stop by my closet and say hi! If you don’t already have a Poshmark, sign up using my closet name MCKENNA_KENG and get $5 off your first purchase! 

Closet Items

If you start using Poshmark and have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment below or message me on Instagram! 

Wishing you all a wonderful week! 


New Obsession: 6th Borough Boutique

Happy Sunday, Everyone!

Today I wanted to take some time to talk about my new obsession: 6th Borough Boutique! Not only do they have the cutest jewelry, but their collections are super affordable too! Here are some items that I received from them (check out the adorable packaging too!):

I have been looking to pieces that I could wear with ANY outfit (work, date night, pjs…lol) and these fit my requirements perfectly!

For the longest time I thought that wearing gold and silver together was taboo…but now I LOVE it! I realized this when I first got engaged–my ring is silver, but some of my favorite pieces are gold. I finally just went for it and realized gold and silver CAN go together–imagine that! 😉

The point of that rant was to explain that these pieces are perfect to pair together! The chain links make for lots of length options, and I have found that they don’t tangle like crazy like when I have paired other necklaces together before!

If you would like to try it out for yourself, you can use code COFFEEWITHMCKENNA to receive 15% off your purchase site wide! Also, make sure you follow them on Instagram so stay updated on new products!

Let me know what you get!



Travel Post – San Antonio, TX

Hi There!

*I really wanted to say “hey y’all” to start this post, but I restrained myself because I am not that cool*

We just got back from San Antonio, and it was an awesome experience! I wanted to jump on here and share what we did and what was recommended to us while we were in that area! 

~ Thursday ~

Snagged a good seat for the sunset 😉

We hopped on our flight around noon and arrived ~4 hours later plus a 2 hour time change! When we landed we rented a car and drove to our hotel. We stayed at the Emily Morgan San Antonio – a Double Tree by Hilton, and it was so nice! It was historical (and apparently haunted…but we did not know that until the car valet told us!!!) which made the architecture super cool—but we picked that hotel mainly because of the location! It was right next to the Alamo and the Riverwalk which was very convenient. 

The Emily Morgan Hotel – a Doubletree by Hilton

After checking in and looking at our room (which was on the top floor with the coolest windows!) we went to dinner at La Fonda on Main, which was recommended to us by my high school teacher. It was the BEST Mexican food and margaritas we have ever had! Highly recommend it!  

The Aesthetic of La Fonda on Main was EVERYTHING
Best Marg Ever!
The Goods
We HIGHLY recommend this place!

~ Friday ~ 

Breakfast View Goals

In the morning we ate the continental breakfast at the hotel, which was free as Hilton Gold Members, and then headed out to explore! We walked through the Riverwalk mall area—which we honestly thought WAS the Riverwalk…but then we accidentally found the actual river and Riverwalk! It was so beautiful and had lots of fun restaurants and shops. We walked clear to the Tower of the Americas and back, and chose to eat at the County Line River Walk, which had amazing BBQ! I forgot to take a picture but we got the ribs and beef brisket with French fries and garlic red mashed potatoes (yes, double the potatoes double the fun).

Shops at the Riverwalk
The Beautiful Riverwalk
Tower of the Americas

After lunch we were exhausted and planned to go back to the hotel to rest before the wedding, but then we realized that the Alamo was FREE so we decided to explore that first! It was a humbling experience, and we are very happy that we had time to see it.

The Alamo
A wall of the Alamo with our hotel peeking over it
Later that night we went back, and it was beautiful in the dark too!

By that time we needed to get ready for the wedding and head out to the wedding venue in Boerne. I won’t share too many details since it was not my day to share, but it was absolutely beautiful. 

The Wedding Venue

~ Saturday ~

Our last day! We had breakfast at the hotel again (after sleeping in J) and then checked out of the hotel and headed to our first stop: The Pearl! The Pearl and the Local Coffee were recommended to us, and they did not disappoint—they were so cute! The Pearl had a bunch of local shops and even a farmer’s market that morning. At the Local Coffee I had an iced vanilla late, which was simple yet delicious (note: it was the only option for an iced beverage, and since I live on iced coffee it made me panic for a second but it was very good!) 

The Pearl
The Local Coffee

Next, we went to North Star Mall (because shopping is life) to look around and grab a snack, and then went to the third shopping center of the day – the Alamo Quarry Market (hello, Nordstrom Rack!) 

The Boots of North Star Mall
The Alamo Quarry Market

Ahh, what a 48-hour whirlwind trip! It was such a fun experience and we are so excited to mark another state off of our list! 

To end, here are a few other restaurant recommendations we received but were unfortunately unable to make it to:

  • Big Lou’s Pizza 
  • Whataburger
  • La Fogata
  • Los Barrios 
  • Rise Up 
  • Mi Tierra 

If I missed anything that is a must see/eat in San Antonio, comment it below!!! 

Thanks for reading! 


11 Tidbits About Me

Hi There!

Since this is only my second week back, I figured I would share a few things you may not know about me! I want to get to know you too so make sure you comment your blog/instagram below!

11 Things you don’t know about me:

  1. 11 is my favorite number 😜
  2. I am from Eastern Washington and had ALWAYS wanted to live in Seattle when I was growing up!
  3. I am an only child 👨‍👩‍👧
  4. I have two children…with fur…(I have two cats 😂)
  5. I am legally blind and have astigmatism! I have contacts and glasses and can see well with them, but without them I am so lost 😅
  6. I met my husband my freshman year of college! He was actually my RA…😉 but we started “officially” dating when I became an RA too
  7. I worked full time and went to graduate school full time for two years 📚 (AND was wedding planning…) It was a lot of work (and not a lot of sleep) but so worth it!
  8. I am obsessed with Poshmark! If you have one too, go follow me (@mckennakeng)!
  9. I love to eat! I have been trying to go out of my comfort zone and eat things I never would have before, and it has gone pretty well so far!
  10. Growing up I did not travel much, only to the Oregon Coast every year. Since meeting my husband I have been able to travel a lot more and I LOVE it! We have several trips planned already for 2019 🤩
  11. Truth is…I’m so happy that you are here and reading this!! Thank you for your support in this new journey of mine! 💕 leave a comment below so I know you stopped by!


Grab your coffee, it’s time to meet McKenna

Hello There! 

Thank you for accepting my invitation for a coffee date, I am so glad you are here! It has been a minute (aka a YEAR – oops) since I first started to try out the blogging scene, but I am back and more ready than ever! Over the past year, I have been a little busy; I continued to work full-time at a local Seattle hospital, graduated with my Master’s Degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, drank LOTS of coffee, and got married! 2018 was good to me, to say the least!

The #1 reason I wanted to start this blog was to be a participating member of the blogger community and be a part of a space that is so supportive and collaborative. Even something as simple as commenting an encouraging phrase on someone’s photo can make their day a little brighter, so of course I want to be a part of that! I not only want to continue to learn from others, but also share anything that I have learned about life in return. We are all here just finding our way through life, so why not help each other out along the way?? 

My goals for Coffee with McKenna in 2019 are to:

  • Show what life is like for me in the Emerald City (Seattle, WA) 
  • Share learnings from my experiences (grad school, wedding, etc.) 
  • Find cute, easy, and affordable outfits that anyone can wear
  • Continue to drink lots of coffee

Please also follow me on instagram (@coffeewithmckenna), and subscribe on here! Make sure to comment a “hi!” below so that I can follow you too 🙂 I am so excited that you stopped by!