Travel Post – San Antonio, TX

Hi There!

*I really wanted to say “hey y’all” to start this post, but I restrained myself because I am not that cool*

We just got back from San Antonio, and it was an awesome experience! I wanted to jump on here and share what we did and what was recommended to us while we were in that area! 

~ Thursday ~

Snagged a good seat for the sunset 😉

We hopped on our flight around noon and arrived ~4 hours later plus a 2 hour time change! When we landed we rented a car and drove to our hotel. We stayed at the Emily Morgan San Antonio – a Double Tree by Hilton, and it was so nice! It was historical (and apparently haunted…but we did not know that until the car valet told us!!!) which made the architecture super cool—but we picked that hotel mainly because of the location! It was right next to the Alamo and the Riverwalk which was very convenient. 

The Emily Morgan Hotel – a Doubletree by Hilton

After checking in and looking at our room (which was on the top floor with the coolest windows!) we went to dinner at La Fonda on Main, which was recommended to us by my high school teacher. It was the BEST Mexican food and margaritas we have ever had! Highly recommend it!  

The Aesthetic of La Fonda on Main was EVERYTHING
Best Marg Ever!
The Goods
We HIGHLY recommend this place!

~ Friday ~ 

Breakfast View Goals

In the morning we ate the continental breakfast at the hotel, which was free as Hilton Gold Members, and then headed out to explore! We walked through the Riverwalk mall area—which we honestly thought WAS the Riverwalk…but then we accidentally found the actual river and Riverwalk! It was so beautiful and had lots of fun restaurants and shops. We walked clear to the Tower of the Americas and back, and chose to eat at the County Line River Walk, which had amazing BBQ! I forgot to take a picture but we got the ribs and beef brisket with French fries and garlic red mashed potatoes (yes, double the potatoes double the fun).

Shops at the Riverwalk
The Beautiful Riverwalk
Tower of the Americas

After lunch we were exhausted and planned to go back to the hotel to rest before the wedding, but then we realized that the Alamo was FREE so we decided to explore that first! It was a humbling experience, and we are very happy that we had time to see it.

The Alamo
A wall of the Alamo with our hotel peeking over it
Later that night we went back, and it was beautiful in the dark too!

By that time we needed to get ready for the wedding and head out to the wedding venue in Boerne. I won’t share too many details since it was not my day to share, but it was absolutely beautiful. 

The Wedding Venue

~ Saturday ~

Our last day! We had breakfast at the hotel again (after sleeping in J) and then checked out of the hotel and headed to our first stop: The Pearl! The Pearl and the Local Coffee were recommended to us, and they did not disappoint—they were so cute! The Pearl had a bunch of local shops and even a farmer’s market that morning. At the Local Coffee I had an iced vanilla late, which was simple yet delicious (note: it was the only option for an iced beverage, and since I live on iced coffee it made me panic for a second but it was very good!) 

The Pearl
The Local Coffee

Next, we went to North Star Mall (because shopping is life) to look around and grab a snack, and then went to the third shopping center of the day – the Alamo Quarry Market (hello, Nordstrom Rack!) 

The Boots of North Star Mall
The Alamo Quarry Market

Ahh, what a 48-hour whirlwind trip! It was such a fun experience and we are so excited to mark another state off of our list! 

To end, here are a few other restaurant recommendations we received but were unfortunately unable to make it to:

  • Big Lou’s Pizza 
  • Whataburger
  • La Fogata
  • Los Barrios 
  • Rise Up 
  • Mi Tierra 

If I missed anything that is a must see/eat in San Antonio, comment it below!!! 

Thanks for reading! 


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