New Obsession: 6th Borough Boutique

Happy Sunday, Everyone!

Today I wanted to take some time to talk about my new obsession: 6th Borough Boutique! Not only do they have the cutest jewelry, but their collections are super affordable too! Here are some items that I received from them (check out the adorable packaging too!):

I have been looking to pieces that I could wear with ANY outfit (work, date night, pjs…lol) and these fit my requirements perfectly!

For the longest time I thought that wearing gold and silver together was taboo…but now I LOVE it! I realized this when I first got engaged–my ring is silver, but some of my favorite pieces are gold. I finally just went for it and realized gold and silver CAN go together–imagine that! 😉

The point of that rant was to explain that these pieces are perfect to pair together! The chain links make for lots of length options, and I have found that they don’t tangle like crazy like when I have paired other necklaces together before!

If you would like to try it out for yourself, you can use code COFFEEWITHMCKENNA to receive 15% off your purchase site wide! Also, make sure you follow them on Instagram so stay updated on new products!

Let me know what you get!



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