Style Guide: What to Wear to a Wedding!

Hello There!

Today I wanted to talk about one of the most stressful parts of attending a wedding: what to wear! I know as our wedding was approaching last year, my husband and I were getting GRILLED by our guests about what to wear, what “formal” meant, if “this would be okay?” and that was the LAST thing we wanted to think about when preparing for our wedding!

So here is a straightforward guide for what to wear to a wedding:

  • Do not wear white – the OG #1 rule for wedding attire!
  • When the attire is not specified: your safest bet is a cocktail dress or full-length jump suit

Casual: sundress, nice skirt/pants and shirt

Cocktail Attire: cocktail dress, dressy suit, jumpsuit

Semi-Formal/Dressy Casual: cocktail dress, dressy skirt and top

Formal/Black Tie Optional: fancy cocktail dress, formal dress or full-length jumpsuit

Black Tie: formal dress/long evening gown

White Tie: Formal, full-length ball gown

Have you heard of any other kinds of wedding attire I didn’t mention? If you have, comment below!

I hope this helps you stress less when deciding what to wear to your next wedding!! And please, Please, PLEASE do not text the bride/groom asking what you should wear – they have enough to worry about, trust me!

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