Poshmark – Shop My Closet!

Hi Friends!

Today I wanted to spend some time talking about Poshmark!

I absolutely LOVE Poshmark for several reasons:

  1. I can find good quality items for a discounted price….
  2. while supporting fellow Poshmark users!
  3. I can make room in my closet while also making money! I definitely prefer this platform than having to take my clothes in to a store to resell them. It is so easy and Poshmark sends you the shipping label when you sell something! 
  4. I can wear something once/a couple of times and not feel bad about it because it goes to a good home 🙂
  5. It is so easy to post and sell items! To post, you just take a couple of photos (I have found if you post pictures of you wearing the clothes, they sell faster but I also know that takes a lot more time to do!!!) and list the size, brand, and the price that you want for the item!
  6. Users can share items from other closets as well as their own closet in order to keep the listings fresh/at the top of your feed!
  7. There are “parties” that happen all day throughout every day that allow you to share items of certain parameters to the party—this is great for when you are shopping for specific items as well as targets customers for selling your items that fit within that party! 
  8. You can customize your selling features, such as % off if buyers bundle more than one item in your closet (I have 10% off 2 or more items for mine)!

I linked my profile below as well as added a page dedicated to it—stop by my closet and say hi! If you don’t already have a Poshmark, sign up using my closet name MCKENNA_KENG and get $5 off your first purchase! 

Closet Items

If you start using Poshmark and have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment below or message me on Instagram! 

Wishing you all a wonderful week!